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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sante Cosmetics

Aloha Beauties,

As promised in all my Tweets November will be a busy month for me and for all of you who are reading my Beauty Bag Posts. I want us to be the most beautiful you for the upcoming holiday season! After all we will be seeing old friends and relatives that we don't see often enough! I know I like to put my best face forward! Thankfully I was privileged enough to be able to try several product from Sante Cosmetics complimentary of them to test and review for all of you! If you would like to purchase any or all of their products go to http://www.logocos.us/sante/index.aspx

Now for the reviews! When I got this package in the mail I was thrilled to that their was two lipsticks! My favorite way to finish any look in the morning or to pick up my look half way to through the day is a swipe of lipstick. The two shades I got where No. 22 Soft Red (A New Color from Sante Cosmetics) and the second was No. 14 Nude Cacaco. I grabbed the Nude Cacao this to finish my look before leaving for work one moring and I was so THRILLED with the result. For a night out with a few friends I went with the Soft Red and it was a gorgeous shade that was not over powering. It goes on creamy. Feels soft and silky better than a lip balm! The color was intense but not overly saturated with pigment just the right amount to brighten my face and make my lips look juicy! I wore it for about 7 hours and it still felt smooth and had shine. I reapplied after work before going to pick up a friend and I got so many compliments through out the day. This is a great lipstick and the color is perfect! Each lipstick costs $19.00 I give SANTE COSMETICS LIPSTICKS IN SOFT RED AND NUE CACACO  5 $$$$$ FOR A MOISTURIZING MY LIPS ALL WHILE BEING A POP OF COLOR! IT GLIDED ON SMOOTH LASTED FOR 7 HOURS AND NEVER MADE MY LIPS FEEL DRY! THE LIPSTICK DOES NOT BLEED INTO FINE LINES AROUND YOUR LIPS EITHER! GREAT AMOUNT OF PIGMENT AND IS A PERMANT STAPLE IN MY BEAUTY BAG! You can find yours @ http://www.logocos.us/sante/shop/category/32-lips

The next product from Sante Cosmetics was their Volume Sensation Mascara. I first want to give you an important tip only brush your eyelashes out DO NOT CURL them its not needed when using Sante Cosmetics Volume Sensation Mascara. Just apply one coat as usual and watch your lashes appear to grow in length and volume up on there own. I apply one more coat just to make sure I got every lash even the tiny ones will look twice as big with this mascara. The brush is a great size and you can apply one coat to your bottom lashes. No one will think that these are your lashes. I got ask a bunch of time at a Engagement party (the second day that I used this mascara) what I used and when I said two coats of Sante Cosmetics Volume Sensation Mascara they flipped out and had to go buy some.I love the Sante Cosmetics Volume Sensation Mascara and I give it a 5 $$$$$ for its ability to VOLUMIZE, LIFT, CURL AND OPEN UP YOUR EYES IN A BIG AND BOLD MANNER! ITS SIMPLE TO JUST APPLY TWO COATS AND GO! THIS IS A PERFECT EVERYDAY MASCARA AND IT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO WEAR ON A SPECIAL OCCASION LIKE I DID! This is in my BEAUTY BAG FOR SURE! It costs $20.00 and you can buy yours here @ http://www.logocos.us/sante/shop/product/1399-mascara-volume-sensation-04
From Left to Right in the exact order of my review are these WONDERFUL Sante Cosmetics products all of which I had to put in my Beauty Bag ASAP! Love them!
I also received complimentary from Sante Cosmetics two Eye Shadow Sticks in No.2 which is silver and No.3 which is Blue. These two Eye Shadow Stick are by far the BEST way to apply shadow! They are also very convenient! They apply with ease as in not tugging or pulling on the eye lid and they are very creamy. The color is not to bright but a soft sublet color that really made my blue eyes pop! After being on my eye lids for 10 hours it DID NOT CREASE!! I didn't need to use any eye lid primer which is awesome and saves time! This shadow is perfect for everyday use but I look forward to using it during the holiday party season!  The SANTE COSMETICS EYE SHADOW STICKS IN SILVER AND BLUE BOTH GET A 5 $$$$$ FROM ME AND THEY ARE IN MY BEAUTY BAG BECAUSE THEY ARE CONVENIENT, CREAMY, NON IRIRATING TO THE EYE AND HAVE A GREAT COLOR PIGMENT. IT LASTS 10 HOURS WHICH IS MY WORK DAY WITHOUT PRIMER SO IT WILL LAST AN AVERAGE NEW YEARS PARTY OR HOLIDAY CELEBRATION WITH NO PROBLEMS! Find your colors @ http://www.logocos.us/sante/shop/category/33-eyes

The final product I received was a two in one! It is the Sante Cosmetics Lip Due Contour and Gloss in shade No. 1 which is nude my favorite color of them all because its appropriate for me to wear anytime of day of course. This hand pencil fits anywhere and has two ends a lip contour or I like say liner side and a lips gloss side on the other! It is so amazing to have two products in one convenient place and only one product to carry in your bag that serves duel purposes! The color is great the pigmentation is there and I love it just as much as I love their lipstick  however my favorite is the fact that it LASTS for hours and the lip contour helps keep it on your lips and doesn't let it bleed or feather! I love to line my lips use the Sante Cosmetics Lipstick in No. 14 Nude Cacao and follow with the lip gloss in this stick! It can be used alone or with the lipstick which makes it even better! I GIVE THE SANTE COSMETICS LIP DUO A 5 $$$$$ FOR ITS QUALITY, NON DRYING FORMULA AND A CONVENIENT DUO FOR ANYONE ON THE GO! RICH COLOR PIGMENT THAT LAST FOR HOURS! AT $17.00 YOU GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH BECAUSE IT WILL LAST YOU A LONG TIME! This genius design is available here @ http://www.logocos.us/sante/shop/product/1208-lip-duo-nude-look-01


For all of these product and much more visit http://www.logocos.us/sante/index.aspx

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