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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ybf Beauty

Happy Holidays Beauties,

As the year is winding down I have been hard at work and today I am brining you a huge review of something brand new to my blog. It is for the first time but not the last time being featured on my blog. It is a review of ybf Beauty products of different sorts. I must note that I received all of the products in this review complimentary of ybf Beauty. I must thank Stacey, Kate and Jennifer (along with anyone else I missed from the ybf Beauty Team) for their kindness and generosity for sending these superior beauty products for me to test. Find your new gorgeous makeup @ http://www.ybfbeauty.com/

ybf Beauty is a wonderful brand of cosmetics that make a woman feel beautiful and glamorous. Not only are the cosmetics themselves superior the packaging is over the top amazing! I received several pieces that are packaged in crystal cases that are so beautiful I literally had women stopping me in the ladies room when I touchup my lipstick/gloss asking me where I got it! The packing is superior and gorgeous but a little background information on the products before the review. ybf Beauty products are ALWAYS paraben free and cruelty free. They are also infused with Smart Active Complex and enriched with extracts from the earth. They are truly made with love keeping your skin in mind! ybf stands for your best friend and these products will be your best friend and you will meet people along the way when using ybf Beauty products that will become your friends for sure! Start shopping for superior beauty products in fabulous packing here @ http://www.ybfbeauty.com/
The perfect eyebrow and smoky eye in minutes!

The first thing I do in the morning when getting ready is put on my eyebrows. I have over tweezed them over the years and I need to add a little here and there! Well I have tried a lot of product over the years but none have compared to ybf Beauty Automatic Eye Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe shade.  Now I though I knew how to apply my eye brow pencils but I did use all tips that are included in a booklet included with every purchase. It really helps you figure out where your eye brows should begin and end. The ybf Beauty's Automatic Eye Brow Pencil is awesome! It really glides on smooth and fills in your less than perfect eye brows with EYE BROWS that look like actual hair! A brush is included on the other end of the pencil which makes it look like real hair. I haven't even mentioned the BEST part the ybf Beauty Automatic Brow Pencil is in a Universal Taupe shade that depending on how hard you press gets you YOUR PERFECT SHADE! Up to 22 Shades ladies! Anything from blonde to brunette all the way to red, silver and black haired ladies! I LOVE the ybf Beauty Automatic Eye Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe it get a 5 $$$$$ FOR ITS ABILITY TO WORK ON EVERYONE'S SHADE OF EYE BROW COLOR! IT MIMICS REAL HAIR AND IS EASY TO USE! IT IS PRICED RIGHT ONLY $12.00 AND LAST FOR SEVERAL MONTHS! IT STAYS ON UNTIL YOU TAKE IT OFF! ITS IN MY BEAUTY BAG AND SHOULD BE IN YOURS! Find it here @ http://www.ybfbeauty.com/extraordinary-eyes/automatic-eyebrow-pencil

The next thing I like to do after I have my brows on is my Eye Shadow! I have been using eye shadow since middle school which was to many years ago to make me want to even count! But I never had a Trio like this before! Stacey Schieffelin the creator of ybf Beauty has made is easy to get the perfect Smokey Eye I cannot even tell you it took me about 5 minutes to have both eyes done. The Trio that has made me LOVE the Smokey Eye look is called ybf Radiant Revital-Eyes Trio. It comes with  Revital-Eyes Eye Shadow- Smokin' Spirit (brown/black) Revital-Eyes Highlighter - Playful Pearl (pearlized) and Your Best Eye Liner - Onstage Onyx (black) I mean this everything you need (plus a little mascara and you are ready to go) It applies like a dream because the Revital-Eyes Eye Shadow is in a tube (like Lip Gloss) and just glides on. You can smudge with a brush to get how light or dark you want it or with your finger if your in a hurry! Next I grabbed the Your Best Eye Liner in Onstage Onyx shade and lined my inner eye at the water line and above my eyelashes but this was such a great experience than I have ever had with eye liner. It was soft and creamy! It didn't tug or pull and most importantly it didn't irate my sensitive eyes! the ybf Your Best Eye Liner really is the best! I love it in this trio. The third product in the this the ybf Radiant Revital-Eyes Trio is so AMAZING it came in an jeweled incrusted tube that was so beautiful but what was inside really takes the cake! It is a Playful Pearled Highlighter that was creamy and luxurious and really made my eyes look like I got an eye lift. I mean I smudge this above my eye brows under my eye brow to high light and a little in my tear duct and it look so FABULOUS! I even put a little in the middle of my lid after applying that amazing Smoking Spirit Eye Shadow and it really brought the whole look together! I am no longer afraid of doing a Smokey Eye because I got both eye done in three easy steps in about 5 minutes! If it isn't obvious that I am CRAZY IN LOVE with ybf's Beauty Radiant Revital-Eyes Trio then I Should tell you that it get a 5 $$$$$ FOR IT GET YOUR EYE MAKEUP DONE IN JUST 5 MINUTES. YOU WILL HAVE A SMOKEY EYE THAT IS WORTHY FOR A HOLIDAY OFFICE PARTY LIKE I DID OR AN EVERYDAY LIGHT SMOKEY EYE ALL WITH ONE KIT AND THREE EASY STEPS! IT MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR A FRIEND OR FOR YOURSELF! THE PACKAGING IS EXQUISITE AND THE VALUE CANNOT BE BEAT! I KEEP IT IN MY BEAUTY BAG AT ALL TIME AND YOU CAN TO by going to @  http://www.hsn.com/products/ybf-radiant-revital-eyes-trio/1144477 so BUY EVEYONE YOU KNOW ONE TODAY!
From the top to the bottom on my hand. Lipstick w/gloss over it, in the middle just gloss on the bottom just the lipstick! I LOVE IT!

My favorite way to finish any look in the morning or to pick up my look half way to through the day is a swipe of lipstick. I feel that as long as my eyes are done and my lips are covered in a good lipstick or gloss I can face the world. The set that the ybf Beauty Team sent me is called Shine Time! lips. The lipstick is a satin spice shade that I ADORE! It is pigmented perfectly and can be worn alone without the gloss. Its creamy and luxe. It lasts for hours without DRYING OUT my lips or causing sensitivity (which I do experience with other brands) ybf Beauty is a SUPERIOR cosmetic brand that has great lipstick in an exquisite case! The deluxe SPARKLE case that both the lipstick and lip gloss comes in are BEAUTIFUL! Now the lip gloss which is also adored in sparkle comes in the Glow Pink Pout Polish Lip Gloss Shade!  Now I am a girl who loves a pink shade of lip gloss however I ADORE this one! It glides on so smooth is not stick and feels so creamy! Agian it can be worn alone or with the lipstick! This duo is a perfect team. The lip gloss has the perfect amount of shimmer in it without being too much! I am giving the ybf Beauty Shine Time! lips duo a 5 $$$$$ for its VALUE AND ITS ABILITY TO LAST ALL DAY WITHOUT DRYING OUT YOUR LIPS! IT FEELS LIKE A CREAMY NURISHING LIPSTICK AND GLOSS THAT CAN BE WORN TOGETHER OR ALONE! ITS AN AMAZING PRODUCT WITH FABULOUS PACKAGING! GET ONE FOR YOURSELF AND GIFT ONE BECAUSE IT BELONGS IN EVERYONES BEAUTY BAG! Find yours today @

Extra Love from Anna:
I wanted to shout out all these wonderful ybf Beauty products one last time because they are so superior! They all last all day until you take them off. I only give extra love from Anna once and while so you all know that this is worth your time and money! The packaging is like something I never seen before so you will love that as well! Please go pick yourself something up in the New Year from ybf Beauty you will not regret it! Stay tuned to my blog for more reviews of ybf Beauty products to come!

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NOTE: I RECEIVED THE ybf Beauty Eye Brow Pencil,  ybf Radiant Revital-Eyes Trio and the Shine Time! lips AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

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