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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fathers Day Gift Guide

#BeautyBagDolls I have a special review for you today a few products you should consider buying the special guy in you life. This is of course not only for Fathers Day, you can buy these this for the guy in your life's Birthday or just to say Hey I was thinking of you at my last trip to Ulta. That's right all of these products are available at  http://www.ulta.com/ that's right so while your picking up the latest lipstick or eye shadow take a look at what is available in the Men's section it might be something you use as well!

These are the perfect gifts for anyone special in your life!

First I received the Anthony Glycolic Cleanser Duo which features 2 full size Glycolic Cleansers. Now this is not a men's only cleanser, in fact I love it myself. It deep cleans without stripping the skin, exfoliating and controlling breakouts. Which is perfect for my guy but also amazing for me because it controls breakouts! While it smells nice it does not have a floral smell to it which why I can see why they advertise it towards men. It is easy to use to just a small dab on wet hands lather, massage onto face and neck then rinse. Very easy and straight forward which is what my man loves- I love that is will clean his skin gently without stripping his skin but it will exfoliate, which is something I don't know that I could get him to do more than a couple of times a month. Over all this is the perfect cleanser for anyone men and women so if you need a gift for a man or men in your life I say give them this! I am picking up a few to give as gift to a couple of friends of mine who's birthdays are coming up! A 5 $$$$$ for sure buy yours now here @ http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod10421021&skuId=2277434&_requestid=2504519

Now the next gift in my gift guide for the guys in your life is the Jack Black PureScience Jet Set Traveler. I love this set for any guy in your life who travels for work or advendture it absolutely necessary and if you new to the Jack Black brand it is the perfect try me size kit. It is not to little but it is just enough to know if your going to love this product or not. As for me my guy loves it what he doesn't love is my giant supersize product I have laying all over the place at times so he loves the smaller size product for himself. He tells me its so I can have more space in the bathroom (I love him even more when he says that) He uses the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (3.0 oz.) every morning he says if feels really ice and the Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 (1.5 oz.) each day as well. I asked him why he said "it is greasy." I am happy if he is happy! He also love the Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather (3.0 oz.) when he travels because he doesn't bring his electric shaver with him. I love the shave cream when I am in a pinch and ran out of my own I grab his! Over all this is a 5 $$$$$ because it is the perfect size and it great product for any man in you life! Buy this gift in time  for Fathers Day or any day here @ http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod3730179&skuId=2211511&_requestid=2514417

Now the final product I received complimentary to review for my gift guide is something I don't ever use but I hear my man talking about what he loves about them it is the electric shaver. The one I received for review is the Remington's Lithium Power Series Head-To-Toe Men's Grooming Kit. This kit has a self-sharpening, surgical steel blades are strong and long-lasting, delivering precision and comfort. The fully washable attachment set, including a vertical body hair trimming attachment, enables you to trim, detail, or shave any unwanted hair. Plus, the rechargeable, lithium battery provides 60 minutes of cordless runtime. My man love this he says it charged for a few hours the first time and held the charge for over a week and he uses it daily! He loved the attachments and the fact that it has its own charging station that holds all the attachments. It keeps his facial hair neat and groomed. He told me that for what it does and the price point is great. He told me to give it a 5 $$$$$ You can buy yours here @ http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod10411013&skuId=2273111&_requestid=2521858

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NOTE: I RECEIVED THE Anthony Glycolic Cleanser Duo,  Jack Black PureScience Jet Set Traveler and Remington's Lithium Power Series Head-To-Toe Men's Grooming Kit  AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

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