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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Genie Beauty Part 1-Makeup

Good Morning #BeautyBagDolls today I am more excited than I have ever been to bring you part one of a series of reviews of the fabulous brand Genie Beauty that sent a complimentary box full of their makeup, skincare and beauty tools for me to review for you. I am just so excited to share my thoughts with all of you and for you to learn about this incredible line so learn more and purchase these product here @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_products_splash.asp
These Genie Beauty Products are a Beauty Bag Must Have!

Today's review is a makeup review. I am going to start with the foundation and in no particular order I am letting you know now I am in love with all forms of Genie Beauty Products Foundations. It all for me depends on the type of coverage I need for that day. I grabbed the Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Foundation first. It says that you will a flawless, fresh finish and it delivered! It is available in 6 shades and they are easy to choose. I knew that the light was going to be perfect for me when I saw the bottle. A little bit about this foundation it is formulated  with a "T-1 Complex (a powerful MMP inhibitor) with the dual peptide Matrixyl 3000 to help reduce free radical damage and improve your skin's tone and texture."  It has powerful anti-aging ingredients and SPF 15 built into the foundation. It designed to work with the Genie Instant Line Smoother (see upcoming review for this product in days to come, titled  Genie Beauty Skincare) and pairs beautifully with the Genie Cashmere Powder (review is in this post) I love this Line Smoothing Foundation because it is so lightweight and delivers on its line smoothing claim. I brought this up and around my eyes and it completely smooth's the fine lines and my skin looked flawless. None of my imperfection's (acne marks were evened out) showed through its blended easily and dried down instantly! Buy the Genie Beauty Line Smoothing Foundation here @  https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=6 I then did pair it wit the Genie Beauty Cashmere Powder which is so fine and feels wet and soft to the touch I can hardly believe it until I felt it my self. It glides right on and is infused with the Genie exclusive T-One complex, vitamin E soy protein and aloe vera. It is also triple milled so it has an ultra fine texture that makes if float on your skin which makes you look air brushed and luminous! I love it! It never settled in my fine lines and I used it alone and with the Genie Line Smoothing Foundation. In fact I keep the Genie Cashmere Powder in my beauty bag at all times for touch ups because I love how it makes my skin feel hydrated! I never thought I could say a powder make my skin feel hydrated! Buy yours today @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=55 The next product that you have to choose from when you switch to using Genie Beauty is the Genie Cashmere Mineral Foundation. You will have 8 shades to choose from and this foundation is game changing. I have been afraid of minerals because I was afraid they would settle into my fine lines, be drying and just not cover well forget that when you choose to use Genie Cashmere Mineral Foundation because it is the BEST mineral foundation I have ever tried! It is a buildable coverage that never makes you look shiny or caked on. It  goes so smooth and has a radiant finish! I love it! It makes me look like I have naturally beautiful skin. Never felt dry and covered even my freckles to my dark spots. It truly is the MUST HAVE Mineral Foundations and to learn more and buy yours visit @  https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=38 I give all three of these products a 5 $$$$$ for their ability to deliver the exact results you expect without making your skin look older or feel dry. Just a true coverage and staying power that last all day that doesn't make you feel like your wearing a ton of makeup. Good for your skin ingredients and SPF! Line smoothing technology that is all you need to look your best! Beauty bag musts! Buy them here @  https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_home_welcome.asp

The next product is blush. I am a person who has always been afraid of blush and anyone who has followed my blog knows this however I have softened to the fact that blush isn't bad and when you find the right one you will be a happy person. The Genie Beauty blush is the RIGHT ONE for me! It is a natural and beautiful blush that looks so great on! I got all three shades that Genie Beauty makes so trust me there is shade of blush for everyone from this makeup brand! I received shades: Sunset, Sunrise and the Genie Make Me Blush compact that is just amazing for not only your cheeks but for your lips as well. It is the one that goes from a cream to powder finish and it is buildable from a subtle sheer wash to as dramatic you would like it. The one I tried first was Genie Cashmere Blush in Sunset and this is a perfect shade for me to wear daily to work! I love it! I love Sunrise for a weekend look and right now with it being summer I love a good flush of color! I must say for me these are buildable blushes and you can even contour with these shades! They give you just a flush of color without over powering! I love how more youthful I appeared with them and they like the foundation don't settle on the skin they feel amazing! I give the a 5 $$$$$ for value and for being able to contour with a blush in a quick easy step! You must get your Cashmere Blush in one of two shades today @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=47 and the Genie Make Me Blush here @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=8

Next, is something that I was so looking forward to is the Genie Cashmere Color Correcting Powder, its no secret that I have acne and redness in my skin. I have tried a lot of product to conceal this and I can honestly say that nothing works as good as the Genie Cashmere Color Correcting Poweder. I am IN LOVE with it. You don't have to over think or use 5 different product to conceal redness and create an even skin tone just grab a brush a smooth this magical powder on and in seconds your redness, broken capillaries, rosacea and acne is hidden from view. It is the simplest product I have ever used yet it is the most effective and life changing for me! It is a loose powder formula that sets foundation and can be reapplied! It is fragrance free and is soothing for your skin! Its invisible yet you know it works and that's what counts! This is a game changer in the beauty industry and cannot be kept secret, I looked forward to the most and it did not disappoint! Thank you Genie Beauty for creating this amazing Cashmere Color Correcting Powder! Buy yours today @   https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=45

The next step in my beauty routine every single day is highlight because well why not highlight and conceal parts of your skin that bother you?! Until now I have been using products that seemed alright but now that I have tried the best I will never go back! The Genie Beauty Highlighter Pen is amazing. It is crease from yet is a lightweight, creamy texture that truly glides onto my skin without pulling or tugging it! That is so important when using it around my eyes to cover dark circles which this does all while a clinical study proved that this Genie Beauty Highlighter Pen reduces dark circles by 28% I love the brightening effect because it is instant! its formulate with natural ingredients what does not irate my sensitive eyes! To learn more and buy yours @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=2

Last but defiantly not least in my beauty routine is mascara. I am thrilled to be bringing you the Genie Beauty Million Dollar Lash Mascara. This is by far the best mascara you will ever use! I must say it does not clump, flak or leave your lashes feeling crunchy no matter how many hours your leave it on! My lashes felt soft, curled and conditioned! In fact I didn't need an eye lash curler because the lash boosting silica fibers in the formula gave my lashes volume as well as length. Another important factor with this mascara that makes it superior to others I have tried is that fact the applicator is in a V shape in order to give you twice the surface for combing through your lashes and applying twice as much product with one swipe! This is a beauty bag must! It contains no alcohol and keeps your lashes soft and flake free! Buy yours now @    https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=71


Extra Love From Anna:
I am truly in love with this brand! Genie Beauty Product have made a huge difference in my life and how I do my makeup! In the coming weeks I will share with you my review of their skincare line and I will let you know now you don't want to miss that review! I can get ready in minutes in the morning since staring to use this line because I have less steps when you makeup include line filling and acne scaring coverage in one step! I was so happy with the result I got from using Genie Beauty Products that I cried, these were finally tears of joy instead of frustration because my skin looked like nice skin and not just caked on makeup to cover my imperfections. I want to shout out two people Lisa Claycomb the president of Genie Beauty Products for creating and sharing these AMAZING products with women from around the world and for her kindness in allowing Erica for sending them out to me to test and review. Erica you really truly cared to make sure the correct products for my skin type and tone got to me and for that along with your kindness I thank you!

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