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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Genie Beauty Part 2- Skincare

Hello to all of my gorgeous #BeautyBagDolls today I am bringing you the second part of my series of review from Genie Beauty Products. I will review for you the Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother, H 'eye' drator Eye Cream and Genie PM Pure Moisture Wrinkle Repair Night Cream. All three of these skincare products were sent to me complimentary of Genie Beauty Products. To learn more and buy yours visit https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_browse.asp?catid=1

Genie Beauty Skincare is a must! The Instant Line Smoother is a true came changer!

The first product I  tried was the Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother. This is a clear cosmetics that instantly smoothes away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bags, puffiness and acne scaring! I am thrilled that it WORKS! I have fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars! This glided on after skincare and before makeup. I use the Fan Brush from Genie Beauty which I highly recommend because it does not absorb the product into the brush. (It will be in the  photo and is available on the Genie Beauty website for purchase) Make sure not to rub this product in just let it absorb. If you see whiteness or feel tightness it means you use to much and use less next time. The direction stat to wait until it completely dries around 2-3 minutes and I waited 3 minutes and it really does dry and it truly is a game changer for me and for the entire beauty industry (along with the cashmere color correcting powder, see my makeup review Part 1). I watched as my acne scars disappeared out of view the fine lines around my eyes and the wrinkles in my forehead were just gone! The Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother makes your skin look younger, smoother and firmer in just 3 minutes but it lasts for hours until you wash it off. Use it anywhere from your hair line to your bust line. Don't take my word for it because over 4 million bottles have been sold. It is packed with vitamins A,C and E. I give the Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother a 5 $$$$$ FOR ITS ABILITY TO SMOITH FINES LINES, WRINKLES, ACNE SCARS AND EVEN WRINKLES AROUND THE LIPS. GOES ON CLEAR DRIES CLEAR IN MINUTES AND DOES NOT IRRITATE THE SKIN THIS IS A BEAUTY BAG MUST IN EVERYONES MAKEUP BAG SHOULD HAVE A BOTTLE IN IT ALWAYS! If you want to learn more and buy some today @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=61

Every morning and night I take care of my eye area which now includes the Genie Beauty H' Eye' Drator Eye Cream. It instantly plumps and firms line and wrinkles around the eyes, it binds the moisture to the skin with hyaluronic acid. In my expericane the Genie Beauty Eye Cream soothes the area within a minute of application. I especially need this in the morning! After about a week of using the eye treatment daily I noticed my eye area was so hydrated, soft and supple. The skin around the eyes are nourished with anti-oxidants, natural moisturizers & extracts  ! For these reasons I give the Genie Beauty  H' Eye' Drator Eye Cream a 5 $$$$$ FOR ITS ABILITY TO VISIBLY IMPROVE THE DELICATE EYE AREA IN ONE WEEK! I SAW AN ISTANT IMPROVEMENT AROUND MY EYES. PLUMPED AND FRIMED WHILE REDUCING FINE LINES! IT DID NOT IRRITATE MY SENSTIVE EYES! IT FELT GREAT ABSORBED INTO THE SKIN IN A MINUTE! I WANT EVERYONE TO EXPERIANCE A GREAT EYE CREAM AND THIS ONE IS THE ONE IN MY BEAUTY BAG! Buy it @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=30

This next product is for the face and next and it is AWESOME! It is the Genie Beauty Genie PM Pure Moisture Wrikle Repair Night Cream. I am in love with this night cream! It absorbs so quickly, I mean my face just drinks it up! I used it every single night and it about 4 nights I noticed my face, neck and chest was instantly hydrated and the lines were diminished! My neck looked less crepe! The tone and texture of my face evened out. This Genie PM Pure Moisture Wrinkle Repair Night Cream is infused with a NEW enzyme technology greatly enhances anti-oxidant effect, Synthesizes Collagen & Elastin with White Tea Extract and uses Pomegranate, Shea, Cocoa, Mango & Cranberry.  I do not go to bed at night without applying this Genie Beauty Pure Moisture Night Cream! I love it! I am giving the Genie PM Pure Moisture Wrinkle Repair Night Cream a 5 $$$$$ BECAUSE IT TRANSFORMS YOUR SKIN IN 4 NIGHTS! IT WILL IMPROVE TEXTURE, TONE AND HYDRATION LEAVING YOUR FACE, CHEST AND  NECK LOOKING MORE YOUTHFUL, SUPPLE & LESS WRINKLED!  IT IS AN AMAZING NIGHT CREAM TRULY A DREAM CREAM AND A BEAUTY BAG STAPLE! Buy it now @ https://www.geniebeauty.com/genie_product_detail.asp?prodID=21

Extra Love From Anna:
I am truly in love with this brand! Genie Beauty Product have made a huge difference in my life! Genie Beauty Products and Skincare has helped me with my confidence! I can now effective cover and treat my acne and redness without making it worse and for that I am grateful! I yet again want to shout out two people Lisa Claycomb the president of Genie Beauty Products for creating and sharing these AMAZING products with women from around the world and for her kindness in allowing Erica for sending them out to me to test and review. Erica you really truly cared to make sure the correct products for my skin type got to me and for that along with your kindness I thank you!

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NOTE: I RECEIVED the Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother, Eye Cream and Genie PM Pure Moisture Wrinkle Repair Night Cream  AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

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