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Monday, July 31, 2017

NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 July 2017

#BeautyBagDolls I am so thrilled to be sharing the NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 for July 2017. This one for me is such a winner since each and every product inside has helped made my summer beauty care routine a little bit easier! When I opened this TestTube 2.0 I was excited, it was packed with 9 products that were useful to me during the summer months and solved some beauty issues. Read on to find out what's inside and how I they helped me.
I am loving this months TestTube and will be purchasing a few of these again!

First product is the Jersey Shore Cosmetics My Lash Secret Eyelash Curler, this was a great eye lash curler in fact its one of the best ones I tried in a long time since I have strayed away from the lately. This one did not pull or tug my lashes nor did I lose any in the process. I love it so I can recommend it to all of you. Next is something I tired within minutes of opening my TestTube it is the LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt. I have been hearing about this brand a lot lately but I had not yet had the chance to try it until now and WOW I read how it is a one ingredient folula that begins as a sily butter but melts into an oil. It said it was for a dry skin that is damaged or just need deep nourishing. I have been spending lots of time outside and at the beach which has in all honesty effected my lips the most and I use sun protection balms but they don't seem to work so I took a little bit of the LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt and put it on my lips and within 15 minutes the dryness they had been feeling disappeared I also tapped a little bit of this on my elbows just to soften them up and I am like WOW and totally in love. Do have 30 minutes to spare? If you do and I hope you do grab the Rodial Snake Neck Mask because it will smooth, tighten and hydrate your neck. This was an easy mask to apply and wear I could still get stuff done around my house this mask does not slip off or come off until you do. I could see that my neck was smooth and hydrated immediately after removing. I am huge fan of hand cream and I love one I grab with me on the go so the hey honey Hands On Honey & Propolis Hand Cream is just what I need I can really go through them since I apply it a few times a day so this one was a welcomed one. I have heard of this brand but tried it for the first time through the TestTube 2.0 and I am in love the scent is not over powering and the results are awesome. Soft supple hands that feel silky and not greasy.

The next two products are the Symphony Beauty Facial Cleansing Foam & Makeup Cleansing Wipes.  I am girl who love her cleansing foam and this one was amazing gentle on my skin and effective in removing the makeup, dirt and grime from the day. The makeup wipes are just as good and they removed the stubborn eye makeup with ease. These are two new favorites. I am obsessed with eye shadow and a palette is even better! First off you can take one palette with you on vacation and have every shade you need and you get to pack light double win but the TestTube 2.0 packing Skinn Cosmetics Patina Eye Shadow really made my day. I have heard of the Skinn brand but never used it and this was a great first product to try. The eye shadow is pigmented and show up with just one swipe its a real winner. The Moroccanoil Treatment Light is the perfect product for my hair which has been a little more dry lately with all the swimming I am doing. This really brought it  back to life without leaving it feeling greasy like other treatment oils. The ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheet are a welcomed product sin it helps fade nicks and cuts that scared you and it works on new or old scars which for me is great since I have an old scar on my knee from Surfing and cutting my knee on a rock. This was the perfect product for this scar since its not the worse scar I have so I could give this a test and it works the scar faded and is hardly noticeable now which impresses me so much. The final product in the NewBeauty TestTube is the June Jacobs Brightening Moisturizer. I am always looking for a good moisturizer and find a summer time one is hard, they are always to thick for me until now and this one brightens my face which makes me very happy.

I am so happy I got to try out 10 products from the NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 July 2017 you have to try this sampling program out! I give this TestTube 2.0 a 5 $$$$$ because it is wide variety of beauty products from skincare to makeup ! You will be really happy to discover something new so pick it up today before it sells out and I am already excited for the next!

Extra Love From Anna:  I must give extra love to a sampling program that includes full size product that are just amazing for the price!

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