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Saturday, June 22, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream w/ SPF 15

I am VERY HAPPY to share this new discovery with all of you today. I am sure you have all heard the word BB Cream by now and if your like me you went out and wanted to buy one immediately! I mean who wouldn’t? Right? It’s a Beauty Balm it takes over for what like 4-6 different products all in one step! It even has sunscreen!! Hello!?! That sounds like a score to me! I searched high and low end BB Creams and after over spending and under spending I had found one that was well THE ONE! It wasn’t the priciest one I bought it was one around the middle and to my shock it was found EVERYWHERE drugstores like Walgreens and Riteaid to Supermarkets and Box Stores like Target.

THE WAIT IS OVER my BB Cream find is L’Oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream With SPF 15 in the Light Shade. It comes is Light and Medium shades. Now for anyone who is scared by the word Youth Code don’t be it is NEVER to soon to start thinking about anti-wrinkle prevention. You should start as early as your 20’s to think about anti-aging you don’t want to think about it when its already starting you want to prevent it! This BB Cream is a good start and to top it off it smell nice, glides on smooth and more importantly it COVERS up your imperfects in ONE EASY STEP!! Now if you do have a bad break out or one stubborn one then by all means use a little concealer  then follow up with The L’Oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream in your proper shade and it will be as if you have NO FLAWS!! It stays a little tacky for a few minutes I notice about a two minute dry time. You can wait to apply a finishing powder or not. But note if you don’t wait the powder you apply will appear darker at first on your skin. Honestly some  days I don’t even use the powder because it just looks that great! It stays on all day. Through a warm or even hot muggy day. I was surprised at the gym because it did not budge. You will not regret this purchase!

I give L’OREAL YOUTH CODE BB CREAM WITH SPF 15 A 5 $$$$$ ON QULITY, VALUE AND EFFECTIVENESS. I am keeping it in my Beauty Bag at ALL TIMES it is a GO TO PRODUCT that DOES NOT BREAK THE BANK like other high end BB CREAMS. For around $15.00 at Target and www.target.com it also goes on sale most often there for only $12.99 you can also find it at Walgreens or www.walgreens.com they too have sales and specials like buy one get one 50% off. To find a store near you to buy L’Oreal go to www.LorealParisUSA.com  they will also give you tips to find the right shade for you.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

The SECRET is OUT! That’s right I have been a fan of the Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for a long time now and with the weather getting warmer its defiantly time to sing its praises!

Before this deodorant came out on the market the stuff we used was about average in my personal opinion. We have all been there at the drugstore or box store buying different deodorants hoping for a better result. Whether it be those white marks it leaves on our black shirts and blouses or the fact that it just didn’t last. Well now Secret has finally come up with something that solves EVERYONES problems whether it be the white marks on the black shirt or the wetness even after applying before and after a work-out at the gym.

I have tested this for a long time and I have given it a chance to fail several time believe me . To my pleasant surprise it has passed even my ultimate test. I get up shower put this on around 6 AM get dressed  leave for work. I check my underarms for any white marks and NOTHING! Then after a long day I come home and its smell fresh and  is dry to the touch. (No matter what blouse or shirt I wore each time everything was PERFECT!) Then I change and hit the gym get out of the gym and nothing. Its around 8PM before I get into the shower and it is as if my underarms just got a fresh reapplication of the Secret deodorant only that haven’t its over 12 hours since I have applied it! I have been using the SECRET CLINICAL STRENGTH LIGHT AND FRESH SCENT for so long now I forget what the others were even like and you can too!

I give SECRET CLINICAL STRENGTH DEODORANT A 5 $$$$$ on EFFECTIVENESS QAULITY and VALUE! This is the BEST MONEY you will ever spend on a beauty product! The prices range from $7.50 for 1.6 ounces to $11.50 for 2.6 ounces I go for the big one just so I don’t have to worry about running out for a while. It comes in a wide variety of scents and I don’t think it matters but I have had my best experience with the light and fresh scent. You can buy them at local supermarkets while grocery shopping or at box stores like Walmart and Target. It’s of course found in drugstore like Rite Aid and Walgreens. A lot of these stores also put them on sale from time to time! I hope that sharing this has helped and remember that I am always here to share a SECRET and make sure you pass the word along about this and my blog. You can also follow  me on Pintrest and find out my latest must haves in beauty and fashion! http://pintrest.com/seasaltandsand

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo

HI Again to all my BEAUTIFUL READERS! I have found you another product that has been tested and retested just to be sure. Everyone knows how important our hair is to us and how many hours we spend on it on any given day. The washing, conditioned, treating and styling just to name of few. Well while I am still on the quest to find one product that can do it all (not holding my breathe either) I have found another great shampoo to help us all achieve a great hair day. I’ve pinned to my Beauty board on Pintrest a while ago after just a few times of using it and knowing that I am a beauty -product -aholic I didn’t bring it to you, my faithful readers, after me just using it I had a few friends test it out to be sure.

The shampoo I am talking about is Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo. It has a weightless moisturizer in it that is FABULOUS even in humidity. I love that fact that I have found and that Nexxus has made a shampoo that give hair some moisture even in the summer. After spending time at the beach or poolside we all need to take care of our dried out locks.  Words do not do this shampoo justice. While I know it is not organic and does contain chemicals that I have steered away from sometimes you go back and its just that sometimes besides I could not help myself when I saw this on the shelf at the drugstore. I do want you to mix and match with other conditioners and treatments like I do. Everyone’s hair needs are different and you need not stay loyal  I never do unless it works. Remember what works now might not work a few months from now your  hair has need and it changes when the weather or even the season changes. Its like our foundation for our skin you may need to change the color from light to medium at this time of the year when your getting some sun. Well our hair changes too.

I am giving NEXXUS HYDRA-LIGHT WEIGHTLESS MOISTURIZER SHAMPOO A 5 $$$$$ ON EFFECTIVENESS, TEXUTE ,QUILITY AND RESULTS. Your hair will LOOK and FEEL GREAT. I feel it and so do 5 other friends. Do yourself a favor and do try this shampoo out for yourself! You can’t go wrong for around $14. For more of my favorites follow me Pintrest! Here is my link: http://pintrest.com/seasaltandsand

Try them both for yourself and feel the difference!