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Thursday, September 21, 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer

Aloha #BeautyBagDolls today I am brining you a review of a fabulous new moisturizer from L'Oréal. It is the L'Oreal Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer for normal to dry skin. I didn't think this moisturizer would be for me at first but even though my skin is combination skin I have learned over the past few weeks with the season starting to change my skin has gone from oily to dry. I need something to help keep it hydrated yet balanced and I am very happy that the L'Oreal Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer did this for me. Read on to learn more.
This moisturizer helped balance my usually combination skin type! 

L'Oréal describes the Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer as follows "formulated to offer lightweight hydration, these formulas break into water upon contact with skin to deliver instant hydration that glides on easily for quick absorption." It is "specifically developed for Normal to Dry Skin, this water based moisturizer is formulated with Aloe Water + Hyaluronic Acid to provide dual action. 1. 72 hours of intense and continuous hydration: it quenches skin with moisture & locks it in. 2. Glowing Action: it envelops skin with moisture improving skin’s radiance." I was super excited to try this out after reading everything about it. Who doesn't want hydrated glowing skin?! I used this twice a day for several days. I used it under my makeup and each night after cleansing. I did see immediately that my skin was hydrated especially on days that it felt particularly dry. Even on days that my skin seemed to act up and do its combination oily skin the L'Oréal  Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer balanced it out. I love that it absorbed quickly and that I can use the same moisturizer on my face and neck all while getting results of hydration, smoothness and glowing skin! I give this a 5 $$$$$ and it is an absolute beauty bag must have! EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA is in order!

Shop L'Oréal Paris.com to purchase.


FYI: I have reviewed several other L'Oréal Paris products so just type in L'Oréal in the search bar to learn more about your favorite products.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

hairdo 23" Color Splash Wrap Around Pony

#BeautyBagDolls there is nothing easier than a ponytail on days that you just don't feel like doing your hair all perfect and fancy. However, what if I told you that your ponytail itself could fun and fancy! hairdo has really made me so happy with the variety of hair extensions and accessories they offer and the hairdo 23" Color Splash Wrap Around Pony is just perfect! To purchase your click here.

I was so happy to have this on Friday and Saturday because I went out with friends and I wanted a fun but easy hair style and the hairdo 23" Color Splash Wrap Around Pony was the perfect solution. The Color Splash Wrap Around Pony comes all the same natural hair shades all of the other extensions and hair accessories availed on hairdo however this comes with a splash of color which is highlighted and dip-dyed pastel ends: blue, pink, light green or lavender. I received the Buttered Toast and Pink as well as Butter Toast and Red Wine hairdo 23" Color Splash Wrap Around Pony. The hair color matches my hair perfectly and the splash of lavender is perfection. It adds the right pop of color without being over done. I only wanted to spend a few minutes doing my hair to go out and that's exactly what I did. I put my hair in a ponytail and  the long and wavy pony includes a smooth strip of hair that wraps around the holder and fastens it in with a hook-and-loop strip to conceal where the ponytail met my own hair. This was so simple and in the end I looked amazing. My friends thought I went to the salon and had my hair done, they had no clue it was a fun extension that will take me 10 seconds to take out at the end of the night! The next day when I saw them again they figured it out when my color changed that quickly. (BTW: we were celebrating two different birthdays and decided to separate the parties this year) This is a beauty bag must have for anyone who needs your hair done quick. This gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA

To purchase visit hairdo

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NOTE: I RECEIVED  the hairdo 23" Color Splash Wrap Around Pony (in the two shades mentioned above) AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

FYI: I have reviewed several other hairdo products so just Search hairdo in the search bar.

Monday, September 18, 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick

A change of the season is upon us #BeautyBagDolls and there is nothing easier in my beauty routine than to change up the lip color. The two new lipsticks I am trying out are the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick in shades Stirred and Roseblood. These for me are both absolutely beautiful shades and I am in love with the pigment pay off and texture. To learn more read on.
A change in season means a change in lipstick for me! Love L'Oréal's Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick's!

L'Oréal describes the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick their first "up to 16HR matte liquid lipstick. Intense high pigment shades create comfortable, lasting ultra-matte color. This full-coverage, long wear liquid lipstick feels light for all day comfort. With the pro-sculpt applicator, shape and add dimension to lips." I will attest yet again to the high pigment because it is just so good. It is full overage and the applicator does hug your lips giving you the accuracy you need to apply it to perfection. It lasted for my long days and my lips never felt dry or completely dehydrated like I needed a lip balm. I had a beautiful matte liquid lipstick that made my lips look great, feel great and lasted all day long. I am a huge fan of the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick and its a new beauty bag must have for me this fall. Its also getting a 5 $$$$$.

Visit L'Oréal.com to purchase.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Kneipp Body Wash

Hello to all of my #BeautyBagDolls I have some different scents of body washes for all you from Kneipp I have 2 scents one is the Enjoy Live and the other is Energizing.  They are described as "soap-free, pH-balanced and formulated with natural plant oils, these three refreshing, gently foaming body washes deep clean and condition the skin, leaving it soft, smooth. To purchase yours click here.
A must have for their invigorating scent and gentle cleansing power!

I cannot choose my favorite because them all smell wonderful which makes it a great shower experience not matter which one you choose. With Kneipp Body Washes my skin never felt dry or tight just gently cleansed and refreshed. The scents are not overwhelming but gentle, calming and refreshing.  I am giving the Kneipp Body Washes mentioned above a 5 $$$$$ and EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA! 

Visit Kneipp to purchase.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Origins Original Skin VoxBox from Influenster

Hello #BeautyBagDolls today I am bringing you a special review that came to me complimentary of the Influester program I belong to. I was selected to receive their Origins Original Skin VoxBox. This had three products in it and included was a full size Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb and two deluxe side product from the line which was the Retexturizing Mask and Renewal Serum. Join Influenster here.
This Influenster VoxBox #pinkwatercream helped me #discoverorigins and I am so glad I did!

In this review I am going to get the heart of this VoxBox and that is the Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer since this was the only full size product in the VoxBox and it lasted the entire month and half whereas the deluxe samples that were included lasted about a week, not to say I wasn't happy they were included because they gave me plenty of time to figure out whether or not I wanted to purchase full size products. The Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer is exclusively sold at Sephora and Sephora.com and is described as "A mattifying moisturizer for hydrated, healthy-looking skin."  It is formulated with "pink rock rose and willowherb to boost radiance, refine texture, even tone, and visibly minimize pores for a soft, smooth feel and a positively luminous look." I have always told you that I have acne prone, combination skin and some visible pores that I keep in check most of the time. The Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer is something I am excited to bring to you because it is so lightweight and great for anyone with any skin type from oily, dry or combination skin types. It for me acts as a moisturizing primer, so my favorite time of the day to use it is every morning before I apply my makeup. This goes right into the skin and is a matte application moisturizer which is something new to me since I am always waiting a few minutes to let my moisturizer absorb into the skin until now, which saves me time in the morning. It feels nice absorbs instantly and truly give my skin the hydration it needs. I am thrilled that it is oily free since my skin is combination and tends to be oily some days or dry others I like having that one moisturizer that is great for my skin on either day. It really doesn't interfere with my makeup application since it truly preps my skin for makeup application acting as a hydrating matte priming moisturizer. I cannot get enough of this and I love it! The Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer is a beauty bag must have and has gone on my shopping list the next time I make a Sephora.com order. Thank you Influester.com for introducing me to this NEW moisture that is now my must have!

As far as the other two product included in the Origins Original VoxBox they are the  Retexturizing Mask and Renewal Serum they as I mentioned were a deluxe sample size and I honestly loved them even though they were small I can say that they are enough for multiple uses and you can figure out if you would  like to purchase the full size version. I must say the Mask is amazing. I used it about 3 times a saw that it made my skin look and feel soft and radiant as well as minimized my pores. The Serum is very good. It brightened my skin and absorbed quickly so I used it twice a day for 5 days until it ran out and I am very impressed. Both these deluxe samples sizes that Influenster provided me in the VoxBox are on my list of things to purchase the full size versions. Available for purchase at Sephora and Sephora.com

Overall the Origins Original Skin VoxBox is full of beauty bag must haves. The Origins Original  Skin Matte Moisturizer is amazing and the mask and serum compliment the moisturizer to make you have flawless hydrated skin. The 3 together do make the best skincare routine however you must try the moisturizer if you can only get one product because it is the perfect AM moisturizer for all skin types. This is a 5 $$$$$ that gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

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NOTE: I RECEIVED THE Origins Original Skin VoxBox and all contents mention above AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

#BeautyBagDolls just because unofficially summer is behind me now that Labor Day has passed doesn't mean I am quite ready to let go of my lighter hair color just yet and their is no better way to keep my blonde locks than with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray I am a huge fan of this since it give me control of when and how often I lighten my hair color. Read on for some information.

You will have total control with the John Frieda Lightening Spray which is why this is my beauty bag must!

The Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray has a "formula with citrus and chamomile works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses." You use this on "towel-dried hair; then style as desired. For optimal lightening, use a flat iron or curling iron after blow-drying. The more heat you use, the greater the lightening effects."  I personally first started using this for root blending and then I decided to have some fun and use it for highlighting. My hair looks great and no one knows I did this at home by myself. In all honesty this is the easiest way to have full control of where you spray and how much heat you use. I am loving that this gives you the control! I highly recommend the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray its a 5 $$$$$ and it gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

Visit John Frieda.com

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NOTE: I RECEIVED THE John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

FYI: I reviewed other product from John Frieda please search John Frieda in the search bar to learn more about the brand

Friday, September 1, 2017

NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2017

Hello #BeautyBagDolls Happy September 1st I am so excited to bring you my first review of the month and for it to be from NewBeauty makes it that much better! NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2017 is packed with 10 products and lots of the are full size goodies. To learn more about what's inside this month TestTube 2.0 read on.
The best subscription sample box out there! I love NewBeauty's TestTube 2.0!

The first product inside the NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2017 is the full size dermaTRUTH Gel/Crème this is an amazing moisturizer for me since I have been feeling a little dry and to try this out was a dream. It wasn't to thick or greasy and absorbed quickly. The second product is yet another full size one it is the Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Blush which was a beautiful addition to my blush collection since the color is one I did not have yet. Autumn Glow gave me a natural flush of color that did not over power my face. The TestTube was truly packed because the third product was yet another full size product it was the Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator and I am a real fan of illuminators and this one I could mix into my foundation or wear alone which is what I do all the time and this one is great since I could use it on my face or anywhere on my body to add a nice glow to my skin. The fourth product is Life's Abundance Plant Protein Powder and Minerals & Antioxidants. This really tasted good and was easy to mix up I likes using it on the go while at work since it did give me a boost of energy. Next in TestTube 2.0 was the Lumene Lahde Micellar Cleansing Water. I am a big fan of micellar waters and this one was really nice it was fragrance free which is what I  prefer and it really did remove my makeup well without leaving it feeling tight or dry.

Another product which is from a company that is new to me was The Preserve Company Steep Me Like Tea Bath Tea which is an Epsom salt that was scented with peppermint and chamomile. That is wonderful way to end a long day and if my body is feeling sore this is the first thing I grab and thanks to NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 they introduced me to a great new company! Next is the Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream this is a small sample but it take very little of this multitasking balm to help heal your chapped lips or dry cuticles. I also like patting some if this in around my eyes to smooth out any fine lines. The eighth product is a full size Osmosis Skincare Eye Shadow Trio in the shade Impulse. I love this trio because it give you the perfect shades for a smokey eye and everything you need is in one place. This didn't irritate my eye or travel down my face. Next I received a one ounce size of the Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser which is perfect for me since it was good for my combination skin which is what I have going on. This gently cleansed my skin without leaving it feeling dry. This is perfect size to take with me on business trips for work without sacrificing good skincare. Finally my NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2.0 had sheet mask from Leaders Cosmetics and I received the Balance Recovery Mask which is just what I need since it treats blemishes, oily skin  and redness that describes my skin to the last word. This mask is awesome it just stays in place and balanced my skin. Its the 15-20 minutes I get to relax when I use it! I am a huge fan of sheet masks and I love NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2017 for putting this one in for me.

I am so glad I got to try out 10 products from the NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 September 2017 you have to try this sampling program out! I give this TestTube 2.0 a 5 $$$$$ because it is wide variety of beauty products from skincare to makeup along with so many FULL SIZE Goodies this month! You will be really happy to discover something new so pick it up today before it sells out and I am already excited for the next!

Extra Love From Anna:  I must give extra love to a sampling program that includes full size product that are just amazing for the price!

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FYI: I have reviewed past TestTubes so just Search NewBeauty TestTube 2.0 in the search bar.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream

Hello #BeautyBagDolls I am really excited to be bringing you today a review of a product that I have loved for a long time now. It Cosmetics has been making their It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream for quite some time however what is brand new this fall is the fact that they now have it in two brand new shades; Transforming Porcelain Beige and Transforming Light Beige but don't worry the original Transforming Neutral Beige is still available. All three shades are now available at It Cosmetics.com and Ulta.com
A beauty bag must have from It Cosmetics, it will cover all your redness in an instant! Love it!

I am in love with their new Bye Bye Redness collection of products from the new Bye Bye Redness Moisturizer to the fabulous Bye Bye Redness Redness Erasing Powder and my classic favorite Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream. The 3 together are a powerhouse to help with your redness and sensitivity. The addition of the new shades to the Neutralizing Correcting Cream ensure that you will get a match to your skin tone. The Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream formula is "rich in anti-aging peptides, colloidal oatmeal, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe and avocado, it helps camouflage any red-toned skin discolorations including rosacea, broken capillaries, blemishes, skin irritations, sun damage, scars, age spots and more. This soothing, cutting-edge, super-blendable, hydrating cream truly provides perfect coverage that won’t crease or crack, and makes your skin appear supple." I have been a fan of the Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream for a long time now! It has helped me cover and neutralize the redness in my cheeks and chin and it helps to blur the redness I get from my occasional acne breakout. It is so much better than using anything green on your redness to neutralize it trust me when I say that because I would dot green stuff all over the place try to blend it out and then I was left with a green face that now needed either concealer or foundation and sometimes both to cover the green.

Skipping forward to now and I am in love with everything about Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream it covers and conceals redness without needing any additional makeup on top of that unless of course you want it and if you are only spot treating your areas of redness. The Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Cream is very pigmented and a little goes a really long way so one little jar will last you a long time depending on usage of course and for me right now it will last much longer with the addition of me using the Bye Bye Redness Redness Erasing Powder. I can easily use all three shades depending on the time of year and season since I don't get much sun in the winter but quick break down on choosing the right shade for you is as follows:  Transforming Neutral Beige shade is for medium to tan complexions, Transforming Light Beige is for light to medium complexions, and Transforming Porcelain Beige is for fair complexions. I am currently using my Neural Beige and the light beige and I will use the Porcelain late fall and winter. This is a beauty bag must have that is game changing for anyone with redness in their skin which makes it a 5 $$$$$ and gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

Visit It Cosmetics to purchase or Ulta.com

NOTE: I RECEIVED  It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

I have reviewed several It Cosmetics products so please search It Cosmetics in the search bar to read other reviews

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand

Hello #BeautyBagDolls today I am brining you a review of a brand new product from It Cosmetics that for me is just awesome since I can slip it into my purse and take it with me anywhere it is their Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand. This really is something I needed without really knowing I needed it until I had it in my beauty bag. To purchase it visit It Cosmetics or Ulta.com
Add light and glow while correcting your imperfections with It Cosmetics Perfecting Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand.

If your looking for perfect lighting,  a lift or just a pick me up then It Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand is just what you need. It comes in three shades Radiant Light, Radiant Neutral and Radiant Honey.  It Cosmetics describes this as "Perfect Lighting instantly corrects, conceals and brightens the look of your skin with just one touch! This innovative concealer and correcting brightener utilizes Drops of Light Technology and hydrolyzed pearl to add subtle radiance without glitter or shimmer, and brings your best features forward while neutralizing, correcting and blurring the appearance of skin imperfections. Infused with anti-aging peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, licorice root and green tea." This is really a game changer for me because first I can take it with me to work for a quick pick me up around my eye area when I start to just feel like I am tired. I apply this and it give an instant lift and brightens my face. When I apply this at home I love how quickly I can just apply this around my eye area and on the apple of my cheeks to give me a truly subtle glow without looking over done. It also does the job of hiding my dark circles really well which of course makes me happy, not to mention it has anti-aging ingredients to help combat the look of fine lines around my eyes. This is a product I also like to use on my nose to add light. I honestly have been taking this with me everywhere I go including my vacation because I want to relax and cut my makeup routine down without look like I over do my makeup. This is a 5 $$$$$ and a beauty bag must have that without a doubt gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

Visit It Cosmetics to purchase or Ulta.com

NOTE: I RECEIVED  It Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

I have reviewed several It Cosmetics products so please search It Cosmetics in the search bar to read other reviews

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

MineTan Labor Day Sale

Aloha #BeautyBagDolls I have a little bit of information for you! Starting this Friday September 1st 2017 MineTan.com is going to be having a 20% off sale site wide on a wide variety of their products to keep that summer glow going into fall!
Coffee Coconut Water Self Tan Foam
Get this and much more for 20% off on MineTan.com Starting Friday September 1, 2017!

Just a reminder the sale starts this Friday September 1st 2017 it is online on their website MineTan.com and its 20% off the tanning foams. I am awaiting products from MineTan and as soon as I give them a try I will indeed have a review for you in future posts! Until then Happy Shopping!

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