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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Josie Maran Argan Oil Black Mascara

#BeautyBagDolls I have found the mascara I now wear everyday and it is actually good for my lashes. It is from Josie Maran and it the Argan Oil Black Mascara which is "clinically proven to increase the appearance of lash volume 10x after one application!" I prefer a mascara in which I can just apply one coat and go so I put this one to the test. To purchase visit Josie Maran Cosmetics.
My favorite mascara is from Josie Maran. Its a beauty bag must because its good for your lashes!

It is a true black mascara which what I wear pretty much all time and the wand on this mascara is perfect to grab every lash you have along with giving your lashes a good curl to them so do not curl your lashes with an eye lash curler. You save a lot of steps and its just bad for your lashes. I also have to mention that the  "Argan Black Oil Mascara treats your lashes to the nourishing lash-softening effect of 100% Pure Argan Oil mixed with blackest-black iron mineral pigments, and infused with the lash strengthening properties of bamboo—delivered in an innovative 5 ball brush that reaches every lash." I am pretty sure that this is the healthiest mascara I have ever used because I had not lost even a single eye lash while using this in fact my eye lashes look and feel softer than ever. They are never dry or crunchy and the fact that I could use one coat and go or apply two coats for even more drama without having fall out of the mascara itself or of my eye lashes is just amazing!  I also must mention I have sensitive eyes and this never irritated or bothered them one bit! (I also recommend applying the Josie Maran Coconut Water Eye Shadow previous reviewed here) I have to say this is a beauty bag must and a 5 $$$$$ because I am reaching for this mascara all the time even on days that I usually would wear mascara I want to wear it because it has improved my eye lashes. This has my EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA approval.

Visit Josie Maran to purchase.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Wildbloom Skincare Soothing Ayurvedic Clay Mask

Today I have part one of a two part review from an amazing skincare brand called Wildbloom Skincare. Today I will review Wildbloom Skincare Soothing Ayurvedic Clay Mask. I love a face mask I am not a fan however of at times the fact that they irritate my skin and dry it out but this mask my skin was revived without any skin irritations! To purchase your visit here.
I am in love with the Wildbloom Skincare and this mask is a beauty bag must!

When I opened this up I immediately noticed the lightweight texture of this mask it is like a whipped cream and I love it! You just need a small scoop about a quarter size and use the spatula provided to keep the jar clean and dry. I applied a thin layer to my face and neck. It felt really lightweight on my skin and firmed up after about 15 minutes. It is a really nice mask that doesn't sting or burn like some masks do. I am happy to report I was able to wear this one for the full 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water. After I rinsed I then saw what the white clay, chamomile and marshmallow root did for my skin. I reveled a much brighter and supple skin. It evened out my skin tone and calmed the areas of my face that are usually red and irritated.  This Wildbloom Skincare Soothing Ayurvedic Clay Mask is skin changing! It truly is the real deal and it is suggested to use it once or twice a week. I am using it every Monday and Thursday to keep my skin looking calm and bright! I am on all honesty addicted to the results! This is an absolute Beauty Bag Must have no doubt in my heart or mind! It is a 5 $$$$$. Get yours now and you will see results immediately! My skin has never been so smooth so that means Wildbloom Skincare gets EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

Visit Wildbloom Skincare to purchase.

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NOTE: I RECEIVED  the Wildbloom Skincare Soothing Ayurvedic Clay Mask AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rituals Dao Bed & Body Spray

#BeautyBagDolls I have wonderful Rituals product for you. It The Ritual of Dao Calming Bed & Body Mist with White Lotus & Yi Yin Ren. This is supposed to bring you peace and tranquility into your life. I find this to smell so wonderful and I love using it! To learn more or to purchase yours visit Rituals.
Just a few spritzes of Rituals Dao Bed & Body Spray and you will understand why its a beauty bag must!

I first used this as a spray on my fresh bed sheets just bring the calming scent to my room and in all honesty it smelled wonderful and I was worried at first it may be to much scent for me to fall asleep with but that was not the at case at all in fact it just made me feel really calm and the scent was very pleasant without being over powering. I slept well! I was really happy that this is also described as a body mist because it smells so nice that after I got out of shower I decided to spray the Rituals Dao Bed & Body Spray on my body as well! It is alcohol free and did not irritate my sensitive skin at all. I misted about 3 squirts its all you need and the scented lasted well into my long day without being over powering. I absolutely adore the Rituals Dao Bed & Body Spray its such a refreshing product to use that brings a great scent and sense of calm to my life! This is a 5 $$$$$ and a beauty bag must!

Visit Rituals to purchase

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FYI: I reviewed other product from Rituals please search Rituals  in the search bar to learn more about the brand

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream

Breaking beauty news #BeautyBagDolls #ITGirls #ITGuys  its happening right now on It Cosmetics website. Spring 2017 comes in with a new launch from It Cosmetics and it is there It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream. If your like me and you loved their Confidence In A Cream then the fact that they have already launched their new Confidence In An Eye Cream which is something I have to get my eyes on!
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The It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream is described as "your Number 1 best-selling super cream—now for your eyes! It is developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in an Eye Cream features the same anti-aging benefits as Confidence in a Cream, and transforms your entire eye area. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this revolutionary moisturizing eye treatment brightens the look of your eyes to make them appear instantly more awake. While the exclusive apricot tint and Drops of Light Technology visibly color-correct and brighten, proprietary Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate other ingredients include a super ceramide complex, chrysin, licorice root, avocado and squalene which work to hydrate, smooth and refresh. From helping to restore the look of firmness to reducing the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles, this breakthrough product will give you powerful, clinically tested results immediately and more dramatic results over time!"

Now I am very interested in this Confidence In An Eye Cream because I have great results from their current Eye Cream Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream it has really made a difference in my eye area and it is the one I use every single night so with It Cosmetics now adding to their skincare collection with Confidence In An Eye Cream I am beyond interested and curious! I will grab one of these as soon as I can it has great ingredients and looks like it will work perfectly into my skincare routine. I feel like I will be using the Confidence In An Eye Cream in the evening and the Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream in the morning. I will keep you posted and comment below with questions/comments and what you think about this new addition to It Cosmetics.

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Masque Bar Sleeping Mask w/ Lavender

My skin #BeautyBagDolls has been pretty dry and tiered lately. With recent ups and downs with the weather from warm to freezing cold I have been trying lots of different things to battle the dry dull skin I have been experience over the past two weeks! When I grabbed the Masque Bar Sleeping Mask with Lavender I knew this was something different. It is a mask that moisturizes and brightens your complexation over night. You apply this on your clean dry skin and leave it on overnight. Which means you sleep with it. I had never really used a mask like this before where you sleep with one on so read on to learn what my experience was. You can purchase your sleep mask at Walgreens.
Visit your local Walgreens to buy this sleep mask that will change your skin over night!

Around 10PM when I got home I immediately always remove my makeup it is nonnegotiable for me, makeup must come off no matter how tired I am. After cleansing, I grabbed a brush and applied an even amount on my face avoiding my eye area of course. I let it dry for quite a while the first time I tried this because I was nervous that it would end up on my pillow case however I must say this dries on really well and nothing was on my pillow case in the morning. Instead after I woke up and washed this off my skin was left feeling really soft and silky. It also was hydrated and bright I am very impressed and I am now using the Masque Bar Sleeping Mask with Lavender at least 2-3 times a week. With ingredients like "Aloe, Witch Hazel and Plant derived ingredients leaves skin feeling moisturized and brightened." I must say that these ingredients work and have rejuvenated my dry skin that was feeling very dehydrated from this yoyo weather pattern! This is a beauty bag must and a 5 $$$$$.

To purchase visit Walgreens


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kneipp Lavender Bubble Bath Relaxing Lavender

#BeautyBagDolls do yo ever have trouble relaxing?! I know I do and in the evening my thoughts are racing I have a million things still left to do and a million more to do the next day but my favorite thing to do is to take a bubble bath and relax and now I have a bubble bath that helps with just that it is the Kneipp Lavender Bubble Bath Relaxing Lavender This is made with essential oils, has no preservative, is vegan and not tested on animals.
A cap full of this bubble bath will relax you which makes it a beauty bag must for me!

I immediately noticed how wonderful it smell and the scent itself is relaxing. According to the directions on the bottle you use one full cap full of the bubble bath per bath which makes this one bottle enough to last eight full baths which is quite a bit. I love that the Kneipp Lavender Bubble Bath Relaxing Lavender has enough bubble to last for about 15 minutes before dissipating and truly fills the room with a wonderful lavender scent without being over powering! The lavender bubble bath fills the tub with beautiful shades of blue and lavender like a calm ocean. Along with the beneficial ingredients, the color of the bath water can play a part in calming one's mood through the use of color therapy. After I get out of the tub I do truly feel relaxed and calm I melt away all of my stresses and do forget about those millions of thing I need to get done. I love this bubble bath and I use it about twice a week on those extra stressful day when I can just feel that I wont be able to relax and this just helps calm me down and distress! This is a beauty bag must and a 5 $$$$$.

Visit Kneipp to purchase.

NOTE: I RECEIVED  the Kneipp Lavender Bubble Bath Relaxing Lavender AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

Monday, March 20, 2017

L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection

I have a hair collection for my #BeautyBagDolls with the hair type that is oily roots and dry ends. We all have this issue and I have searched for the answer and never found the answer until this giant green Easter looking egg arrived at my door from L'Oréal and inside was L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection. There is the Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask, Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner and finally Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo.  Each piece is made with three refined clays that absorb oil, impurities and purify at the root and scalp. To purchase these and learn more visit L'Oréal.
The L'Oréal Extraordinary Clay Collection has changed my hair routine for the BEST!

Your L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection hair care routine will start with the Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask. My hair is oily to dry depending of the season and sometimes even the day of the week but this L'Oréal Clay collection address the issue of oily roots and dry hair and I am so thrilled. I start on my dry hair before getting into the shower. I apply it into my roots section by section. I waited the suggest 5 minutes then rinsed it out. It smells really fresh and nice by just using the mask but then I the followed up with the Extraordinary shampoo which smell amazing and feels really refreshing. It is silicone free like the conditioner and feels really nourishing on my hair. After getting out of the shower I style as usual and my hair looked good and felt amazing. I didn't need to shampoo/conditioner the next day however mid day I did use the Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo which is just amazing. It smells awesome and did refresh my hair in between shampooing but the best part is that it sprayed on clear and absorbed any excess oil without leaving residue! This is a perfect hair care system for anyone with oily or a combination hair type it does wonders to combat the oiliness and to help dry ends. I am giving the L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection a 5 $$$$$ for ever reason mentioned above.

The L'Oréal Extraordinary Clay Collection arrived just like this and I had to crack into the teal Easter egg to get the amazing hair products! Beauty Bag Musts!

Visit L'Oréal to purchase

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NOTE: I RECEIVED  The L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES TO TEST AND REVIEW!

FYI: I have reviewed several L'Oréal products so please search L'Oréal  in the search bar to read other reviews.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

IT Cosmetics IT's All About You Customer Favorites Collection QVC TSV 3/18/17

It's happening #ITGirls with spring just a mere few days away there is an incredible collection that is avaialbe from It Cosmetics but it is for one day only on QVC.com you heard right on March 18, 2017 It Cosmetics is the Today's Special Value or TSV for short and the IT Cosmetics IT's All About You Customer Favorites Collection. This is a 4 piece set that I have had for a while now and I love each and every piece. There are four favorites and one is a brand new shade so I cannot wait for all of you #BeautyBagDolls to get your hands on your own kit! Available on March 18, 2017 beginging at midnight and last all day you can order it one of five shades mine is medium and you can even pre-order it. The item number is A292567 or click here. Read on to learn exactly what is in the kit and how I love each piece. (If you click the links now there is a presale happening).
#ITsAllAboutYourFavorites with the QVC TSV from It Cosmetics but shop quickly before this kit sells out!

There are four game-changing, life-changing customer favorites in one collection! CC Illumination Supersize which is your anti-aging skin care, SPF 50 Physical Only Sunscreen & Full Coverage with Illumination, no glitter or shimmer! The Heavenly Skin CC Brush to apply it with, Award Winning Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara 500% increase in volume in 1 coat and IT Girl favorite Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Lip Treatment in a BRAND NEW shade Rose which will smooth and hydrate lips.

The first product is the Supersize It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream SPF 50+ which as you read correctly is SUPERSIZED that's right instead of the usual 1.08 ounces you will be getting 2.53 ounces in the same convenient pump dispensing system. If your not familiar with It Cosmetics SUPERSIZE CC+ Illumination Full Coverage Cream SPF 50+ it is a all in one product that delivers full, flawless, coverage, all while protecting your skin with one of-a-kind UVA/UVB broad spectrum physical-only SPF 50+. It Cosmetics is famous for their CC+ Full Coverage Creams and what is different is that this has "drops of Light Technology to give your skin the look of subtle radiance. I simply apply this all over my face and it gives me full coverage and a touch of radiance along with SPF 50+. It is filled with anti-aging and color-correcting ingredients, including niacin, algae, vitamins A, C, B and E and hyaluronic acid. This makes doing your makeup so easy, I am done in under a minute which I also give credit to the next product in this kit.

The Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush which is a beauty tool you cannot be without! This brush features ultra-soft Heavenly Skin brush hair for smooth application. The custom-cut brush head truly does do the work for you. This brush is the perfect companion to the Supersize It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream SPF 50+. It gives you an even and flawless airbrushed application every time you use it. The brush is so soft yet durable and effective so don't be afraid to use the brush and lay day a perfectly even application of the CC+ Illumination cream. I love the It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush, It Cosmetics dominate the makeup, skincare and beauty tool industry!

Next, is the Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara which is a customer favorite and mine as well. It increase in volume in one coat by 500% . Now while I am not a numbers girl I do see that my eye lashes are longer, fuller and beautiful after just one coat of mascara. I am thrilled to just apply one coat of Superhero mascara and get on with my day. No waiting for it to dry and then applying another coat instead it is a one and done! I learned that "The proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology stretches the look of your lashes wider and longer, and wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening, ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color for your strongest, thickest, most defined results." I am so happy that this mascara was included in this TSV and you will be too because if isn't already your new favorite mascara it will be because it is a Superhero and staple in my mascara must have.

Finally It Cosmetics has kicked up our favorite lip treatment Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Lip Treatment in a NEW shade called Rose. This lip innovation is truly wonderful. I love it because it is so hydrating it full of essential butters and oils that really care for my lips in fact I love this so much I put some on the original before bed like a lip balm it feels so nice on my lips and now the Rose color is truly just a beautiful shade. A flush of this mauve/ pink color that looks amazing and it lasts for several hours. . This is truly a lip treatment along with color that you can use alone or with any of your favorite It Cosmetics lip sticks or stains  I actually use underneath my lip stains, lipsticks and lip glosses however 75 % of the time I have noticed that I use it alone for the shade it is. You are going to love a hydrating color lip treatment that gives you a hue of pink mauve in the famous formula from  It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi lip treatment . It is perfect for springtime nourished lips! Get your perfect pout with It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Lip Treatment in a NEW Shade of Rose.

I am giving this entire It Cosmetics It's All About You Customer Favorites Collection a 5 $$$$$ because as collection they make a flawless face with the CC Illumination which also protects with SPF 50+ that you can feel great about with ingredients that are good for your skin. I love that I can use the Superhero mascara and get beautiful lush lashes and the brush to apply my CC Illumination has skincare in it as well. The lip treatment is more than a lovely shade of rose it is a treatment which helps sooth my lips. I cannot get enough of this kit and I want you all to know that it is on sale for one day only! I I am am so in love with the products in the It Cosmetics QVC TSV that I am purchasing another for myself and two more kits for #ITGirls in my life as gifts. I cannot believe the value on this  It's All About You Customer Favorites Collection which is why you should stock up if your a current It Cosmetics fan purchase if you are new to the brand to test out effective skin loving makeup for yourself!
As Always the It Cosmetics TSV always arrives perfectly packaged with individual packaging to keep it safe during transportation.

Visit QVC right now or click the item number A292567 You can get all this for $59.95 plus $3.00 S&H

EXTRA LOVE From Anna: I love  It Cosmetics! I love that they now made kit special with these It's All About You Customer Favorites products right in time for spring which is the perfect time to renew and refresh your beauty routine. Just keep in mind this is for ONE DAY ONLY March 18, 2017 (however my links are now live for a presale so start shopping)

NOTE: I RECEIVED  It Cosmetics It's All About You Customer Favorites Collection  QVC TSV AS A FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE TO TEST AND REVIEW!

FYI: I have reviewed several It Cosmetics products so please search It Cosmetics in the search bar to read other reviews.