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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Influensters Spring Fling VoxBox

I am VERY EXCITED  that I was chosen by Influenster for the #SpringVoxBox this is third box this year that I was chosen for! Visit www.influenster.com for information or comment me for an invite I have a few left. I received 4 full size beauty products to test and one Car Freshener compliments of Influester and I am thrilled. They all look really amazing and I will post my review of each individual product below!

I received Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara courtesy of Influenster Spring FlingVoxBox 2014. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara retails for $5.99 and I got it for FREE! If your not apart of this awesome program yet just ask me for an invite after visiting www.influenster.com for more information about them. I was so excited when I opened the box and saw this inside it was the first thing I used. I first want to give you an important Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara tip only brush your eyelashes out DO NOT CURL them its not needed when using Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara. Just apply one coat as usual and watch your lashes appear to grow and curl up on there own. I apply one more coat just to make sure I got every lash even the tiny ones will look twice as big with this mascara. The brush is a great size and you can apply one coat to your bottom lashes. No one will think that these are your lashes. I got ask a bunch of time at a Engagement party (the second day that I used this mascara) what I used and when I said two coats or Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara from Rimmel they flipped out and had to go buy some.I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara and I give it a 5 $$$$$ for its ability to LIFT, CURL AND OPEN UP YOUR EYES IN A BIG AND BOLD MANNER! ITS SIMPLE TO JUST APPLY TWO COATS AND GO! THIS IS A PERFECT EVERYDAY MASCARA AND IT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO WEAR ON A SPECIAL OCCASION LIKE I DID! This is in my BEAUTY BAG #RetroGlam

The second product I grabbed out of my Spring Fling Vox Box was the Kiss Everlasting French Nails which retail for $6.49. I got them completly FREE for testing purposes complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. I am someone who has been preoccupied about my nails since well forever! I will buy and try anything that has to do with making my natural nails look better or when I am short on time and have somewhere important to be and can’t get a manicure I have found the answer to that problem! On Satrurday morning I decided to give myself a manicure for my friends Engagement party that night and a manicure that would look great for the whole upcoming work week. The Kiss Everlasting French Nails in Real Short Lenth that I received from Influenster was the first product I thought of so I read the directions and in less then 10 minutes I had these BEAUTIFUL nails that looked like a Gel French Manicure you would pay upward of $45.00 for at a nail salon! They were quick and simple to apply and last for up to a week! There are 28 nail covers in 14 sizes! This was a perfect neutral manicure that Influenster provided me with because it would match whatever I would wear to work in the upcoming work week and I had BEAUTIFUL nails for the Engamenet Party Saturday night. I am in LOVE with my #everlastingfrench manicure. If it doesn’t seem clear yet on how I feel about these nails I will GIVE KISS EVERLASTING FRENCH NAILS A 5 $$$$$ ON VALUE, BEAUTY, EFFECTIVENESS AND QUILTIY. THIS IS IN MY BEAUTY BAG AND ON MY SHOPPING LIST!KISS everlasting French tip nails

My third Spring Fling Vox Box goodie is Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion that I recieved complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes. It was the 2.25 ounce bottle that retails for $2.49 or $10.99 for 13.5 ounces. I was kind of hoping we would get the full size bottle because it take two weeks to see results and honestly 2.25 ounces is not enought to put to true test. I used it on my outer thighs a few times and it was very hydrating and smells really pleasant and fresh. It did not irritate my senstive skin even though it has fragrance. I have no complaints it kept my legs hydrated for the entire day after I applied it out of the shower. I knew I would not see real results due to the small size of the bottle. I decided to use it has a travel size hand lotion in my purse and keep it with me at all times because it really hydrates my skin and my hands need it throughout the day. I give NIVEA SKIN FIRMING HYDRATION BODY LOTION A 4 $$$$ BECAUSE OF THE SIZE OF THE BOTTLE I WILL NOT GIVE IT A FIVE. I COULD NOT FULLY TEST IT ON MY BODY TO SEE ANY REAL SKIN FIRMING RESULTS! I WILL GIVE IT CREDIT FOR KEEP MY HANDS SOFT AND MOISTURIZED! I will purchase the larger bottle in order to really test it and put it through my Beauty Bag test which what my readers expect of me. This is my handbag and Beauty Bag! #NIVEASkinFirming
Love at first tweet! The best things in life are free from @Influenster #SpringVoxBox #NIVEASkinFirming @Nivea Maria Maximiano USA

The product in my #SpringVoxBox is something that I could just grab and use I had to wait until well that time of the month to use it. I will not go into graphic details about my period but I will tell you that I got a full box 16 count of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons valued at $3.99-$4.99. These were complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and they were extremely welcomed! Face it we all get our periods and we all need femalecare products so to get a whole box for free was well AWESOME! These were different than what I usually buy which was welcomed. They were a regular absorbency but for me what was different was that they were lightly scented. I was worried at first but I used one and had no issues as in irritation or leaks! That was great so I put them to the test and used them for what they are also intended for Sports! I play tennis once a week with a friend and I used on of these for a two hour game. I had NO PROBLEMS! Leak free and everything was right where its supposed to be. My final test was during a Yoga class I teach and again no leaks just great protection! The worries I had about the scent in them were for nothing because it did not bother me a bit it actual made me feel really confident at the Yoga class so I give PLAYTEX SPORT FRESH BALANCE 5 $$$$$ ON THE FACT THAT THE TAMPONS DO THEIR JOB! IT GAVE ME PROTECTION WHILE JUST AT WORK AND WHILE PLAYING SPORTS. NO LEAKS AND NO ODOR! THEY ARE THE PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY WOMANS BEAUTY BAG/GYM BAG OR PURSE SO THAT WE CAN #PlayOn no matter what time of the month it is!
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons I received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. #PlayOn #SpringVoxBox

The last product I got from Influester for testing purposes was a Peach Pie Car Freshener from the Labor Day Movie (out now on Blue Ray and on DVD) I thought this was kind of odd but I will say after I took it out of my #SpringVoxBox and opened the plastic wrap it was in the smell of peach was very NICE! I love it. I put it in my car the same day I got my VoxBox and it has been there since. Opening my car door is a real sweet treat now without the calories of eating a slice of Peach Pie. I give it a FIVE $$$$$ FOR ITS PLEASANT SCENT OF PEACH PIE WITH ANY CALORIES OR GUILT! I know this is a little strange to have on my Beauty Bag Blog but I am still very HAPPY Influester included it! #LaborDay
Love at first tweet! The best things in life are free from @Influenster #SpringVoxBox #LaborDayMovie

If you sign up and become a member of Influester you too could be eligible one day to receive a VoxBox filled with free complimentary items to test out! I have a couple of invites so just ask! Here is my whole Spring Fling VoxBox:

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