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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Influensters #ModaVoxBox

I am so happy that I was chosen by Influenster for the #ModaVoxBox this is there Beauty and Fashion Badge holders Voxbox for fall 2014 and I am thrilled I got it! Visit www.influenster.com for information or comment me for an invite I have a few left. I received 8 products to test compliments of Influester and I am thrilled. They all look really amazing and I will post my review of each individual product below! But first a peek at the #ModaVoxBox as a whole! :-)
" I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."  #RockinIt #Rimmel #MoistureRenew #PassthePuffs #1WeekToGorgeous #refreshwithresource #HairFood #SwissMissSimplyCocoa #MoistureRenew

When I opened the box I was immediately drawn to the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick. I received it in the Nude Delight shade which is perfect  for me because I am super low on my nude lipstick. But before I dove into the lipstick I grabbed the little #ModaVoxBox card and saw that their was also a Lip Liner from Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner as well in Universal Transparent shade so this will be a dual review. I opened the lip liner lined my lips and then I filled it in with the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick and it was so creamy and lush! I LOVE IT! The retail value for the Lipstick is $6.99 -$7.49  which is the perfect price and the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner is $5.99-$6.49. I was so THRILLED with the result. It goes on creamy. Feels soft and silky better than a lip balm! The color was subtle but it is saturated with pigment just the right amount to brighten my face and make my lips look juicy! I wore it for about 7 hours and it still felt smooth and had shine! I did NOT need lip gloss. I reapplied after work before going to class and I got so many compliments through out the day. No one believed that it was from Rimmel London! They were super excited to try it themselves so I had invited them to Influenster of course and told them to find the lipstick and lip liner itself is available  at local drugstores! This is a great lipstick and the color is perfect! I give RIMMEL LONDON MOISTURE RENEW LIP LINER AND LIPSTICK A 5 $$$$$ FOR A MOISTURIZING MY LIPS ALL WHILE BEING A SUBTLE POP OF COLOR FOR FALL 2014! IT GLIDED ON SMOOTH LASTED FOR 7 HOURS AND NEVER MADE MY LIPS FEEL DRY! THE LIP LINER WAS A PERFECT PARTNER IN KEEP THE LIPSTICK FROM FEATHERING THIS IS A PERMANT STAPLE IN MY BEAUTY BAG!
The Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight & The Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner in Universal Transparent

The third product I grabbed from my #ModaVoxBox is the Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer and I was thrilled to try this out. I am glad that Influenster provided this complimentary for testing purposes because my skin is dry and I need it! Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer is a miracle worker in a bottle. It feels great smells great and above all moisturizes without feeling greasy you can put it on wait just a minute and get dressed. It leaves your skin silky and soft Its also amazing after you have shaved your legs you can put it on immediately and it doesn’t sting. I like the smell its light and lingers for just the right about of time around 6-8 hours. I love it and I GIVE JURGENS ULTRA HEALING EXTRA DRY SKIN MOISTURIZER A 5 $$$$$ ON EFFECTIVENESS! IT RETAILS FOR $5.99-$6.99 AND IT IS WELL WORHT IT! MY BEAUTY BAG MOISTURIZER MUST HAVE!

After just one week of using Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer I will never go back to dry flakey skin! I love this Moisturizer!

A fourth item in my #ModaVoxBox was a giant 23.7 Fluid Ounce of water called resource natural spring water! I cannot believe that Influenster also included this complimentary for testing purposes but after I tasted it knew why! It is very clean and crisp it tastes nothing like any other bottle water I ever tasted before just very natural and good for you! I can honestly say that I never tasted anything so pure and clean before! It also has natural electrolytes and I really enjoyed drinking this after a Yoga class it really refreshed me! I give RESOURCE NATURAL SPRING WATER A 5 $$$$$ FOR QUALITY, TASTE AND VALUE! ONE HUGE BOTTLE COSTS $1.49 AND IT IS WELL WORTH IT FOR THE TASTE OF THIS HIGH QUALITY WATER!
The Resource Spring Water is refreshing and satisfying with each sip!

The next product that Influenster provided me for free for testing purposes in my #ModaVoxBox was something very useful for many different reasons. It is the Puffs soft pack Basic facial tissues. These Puffs Soft Pack are in a soft plastic holder which so much nicer then those boxes that sit on your counter top and the tissues inside are a two ply 132 count facial tissues that come in handy for all sorts of situations. Whether you make a makeup mistake or you sneeze these Puffs soft pack of facial tissues where a real MUST! I love them they are soft and gentle on your delicate face so for me I GIVE PUFFS SOFT PACK BASIC FACIAL TISSUES A 5 $$$$$ FOR QAULITY AND VALUE! THESE PUFFS COST ONLY $1.99-$2.49 FOR THIS HANDY PACK OF GREAT TISSUES!
I #PassthePuffs to a friend in need when her mascara was running! I love these soft facial tissues!

The next item (I KNOW THIS BOX IS LOADED) is Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Milk Chocolate Flavor Hot cocoa mix. It too was free from Influenster for testing purposes. This is a little different though. We are used to the one that are made with water this one is made with HOT MILK which makes it 100% BETTER and creamy and smooth! I LOVE IT! It also only has 5 INGREDIENT! I know 5 ingredients Sugar, Cocoa, Nonfat Milk, Salt and Natural Flavor! I so IMPRESSED and HAPPY to make this and when I tasted I was in love! I GIVE SWISS MISS SIMPLY COCOA A 5 $$$$$ ON TASTE! IT IS CREAMY TREAT THAT YOU CANNOT RESIST!  I LOVE IT A WARM TREAT ON A COLD DAY AND THIS IS JUST THE ITEM I WILL REACH FOR!
Creamy and chocolaty this is Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa made with only 5 ingredients!

 Another WONDERFUL product in my #ModaVoxBox is Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara. It was free from Influester for testing purposes. It retails for $5.49-$5.99 at any local drug store. I first want to give you an important Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara tip only brush your eyelashes out DO NOT CURL them its not needed when using Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara. Just apply one coat as usual and watch your lashes appear to grow and curl up on there own. I apply one more coat just to make sure I got every lash even the tiny ones will look twice as big with this mascara. The brush is a great size and you can apply one coat to your bottom lashes. No one will think that these are your lashes. I got ask a bunch of time at a Dinner party (the second day that I used this mascara) what I used and when I said two coats or Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara from Rimmel they flipped out and had to go buy some. I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara and I give it a 5 $$$$$ for its ability to LIFT, CURL AND OPEN UP YOUR EYES IN A BIG AND BOLD MANNER! ITS SIMPLE TO JUST APPLY TWO COATS AND GO! THIS IS A PERFECT EVERYDAY MASCARA AND IT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO WEAR ON A SPECIAL OCCASION LIKE I DID! This is in my BEAUTY BAG!
Without and With Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara
Love this mascara wand it grabs every lash!

The final product in my #ModaVoxBox that I received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes is Clairol Hair Food. It is  a moisture hair mask infused with honey apricot fragrance. It retails for $14.99 and is available at Target!  I first noticed the wonderful scent and I was excited but then after shampooing my hair and then using about a quarter size amount (I have very long hair) in my hair I noticed that the Clairol Hair Food is exactly that HAIR FOOD that is nourturing and luxurious for my hair. It feel like a creamy treat for your hair. When you rinse it out that is when the real magic happens! I mean my hair felt like silk while it was still wet and then after I got out and went to comb my hair I was so thrilled that the comb went right through with no tangles or pulling! This just moisturized my hair and after I was done styling it my hair had BODY, VOLUME and it was HYDRATED from root to ends! I LOVE IT! I GIVE CLAIROL HAIR FOOD A 5 $$$$$ for its ability TO HYDRATE, NOURISH AND SMOOTH HAIR IN ONE USE AND AFTER JUST 5 USES YOUR HAIR SHINES LIKE NEVER BEFORE! IT IS MANABLE AND BEAUTIFUL! IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN AND IT IS PARABEN FREE AND MINERAL OIL FREE SO ITS IN MY BEAUTY BAG AND IN MY BATHROOM FOR DAILY USE!
This is so good for your hair you must buy it!

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