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Sunday, April 2, 2017

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer w/Wonder Brush

So #ITGirls and #BeautyBagDolls just when you think you have your spring makeup routine figured out It Cosmetics kicks it up a notch by launching their  Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer with Wonder Brush at QVC. OMG my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw this. It looks beautiful and when I watched the presentation live on QVC I knew that this was a product I couldn't resist. It has your highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one palette that you can sweep across and apply all over your face for an instant glow. It also comes with an amazing brush to apply it with called the Wonder Brush and if you know It Cosmetics than you know they make top quality brushes. I also want to note these come in three shade selections for you to choose from which will be best for your skin tone. Shades are Natural Glow, Nude Glow and Warm Glow. I wear the medium shade in their powder and liquid cosmetics but I can also wear their Light shade at times depending on the season and how much sun I get so when choosing which one of the shades in this new IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer I would say I can wear the Natural Glow but I am leaning toward the Nude Glow just because I know I will start self tanning and getting more of a sun kissed look as the spring and summer season progresses. Item number A292744
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Now a description of the brand NEW It Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer with Wonder Brush is as follows: "Confidence in Your Glow is blush, bronzer & highlight in one sweep! The harmonized shades brighten, illuminate and add warmth to your skin without glitter or shimmer. Talc-Free, hydrating, anti-aging formula includes Vitamin C and ceramides. Custom cut Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush with dual fibers & tapered brush head allows for a one-sweep application. Designed to use all shades together on your skin. The firmer you press, the more intense the color pay out."

As I mentioned I cannot wait to get my hands on at least one of these palettes! How about all of you? Thoughts on this new IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer with Wonder Brush only available now at QVC.

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  1. WOW! I want this so badly! I placed my order I cannot wait for it to ship! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Love your posts!

    1. I know right! This is so amazing! It has everything you need in one place! I am all about having palettes they make it so easy to travel with! Thank you for reading my posts. Keep it here for more! ~Anna

  2. Thank you for your post! It is great that they have different shades for different skin tones, this is going to be perfect. I wish it was sold in the previous TSV or the next one. Hate that I have to buy it separately! But I am buying it of course-lol~

    1. Your very welcome. I love posting blogs and previews like this and the It Cosmetics ones are one of my favorites. It would have been fun to have this in a TSV maybe in the next one they will! Thanks so much for reading. ~Anna